The law firm of Tom R. Pabst, P.C. specializes
in Protecting the Individual in:

-Sexual Discrimination - Sexual Harassment -Commercial Litigation -Personal Injury -Civil Rights  -Employment Litigation  -Whistleblowers Protection -Medical Malpractice  -Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Personal Injury

Tom R. Pabst, P.C. has successfully fought to protect families in Personal Injury cases for 40 years.

Some of the types of Personal Injury claims Tom R. Pabst has successfully litigated are: auto accidents,  products liability, nuisance,  trespass, and other injuries to the body.

Civil Rights Laws

Civil rights litigation, including especially sexual assault, sex harassment/hostile environment cases, and gender discrimination cases, when women are treated like second class citizens in the workplace & public places.

Michigan is an at-will state, which most people think means you can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all.  However, it's surprising how many people do not realize that they still have protection.

An employee STILL cannot be fired for an unlawful reason.  Our legislature and courts have protected the rights of employees to make sure employers do not base their decisions on protected categories such as height, weight, gender, race, age, and whether or not they report violations of law.

Commercial Litigation

Tom R. Pabst, P.C. has been successfully winning commercial litigation cases for 40 years.  These claim correct the wrongs suffered by individuals in their commercial litigation/business claims, including minority shareholder oppression and fire-loss claims.