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Description of the Case:

Stan Visser was hired by Flint Township as its Technology Specialist. As the Township's Technology Specialist, he kept the computers at Flint Township headquarters up and running so that government services to the public would not be interrupted. He and the Township entered into a formal written contract for his services, which was considered as "lifetime contract". For years, the contract was honored without any problem whatsoever.

However, recently, the Township Supervisor, extensively as a cost-cutting measure, recommended to the Board of Trustees that the lifetime contract be terminated, claiming that this has become necessary due to changing circumstances, even though the Township had enough money to continue and honor the lifetime contract.

Stan Visser, and his attorney, Tom Pabst, claim the Township could not terminate the "lifetime contract" for the reasons given, and filed a lawsuit with the Genesee County Circuit Court. The lawsuit was assigned to Judge Yuille, who recently denied Defendant Township's Motion for Summary Disposition to have the case thrown out of Court. A jury trial was to be scheduled.

Through settlement negotiations, the case recently settled for $150,000.

*For more than 30 years, veteran civil rights attorney Tom R. Pabst has been successfully representing people in Genesee County and surrounding areas. His vast experience has proven effective in protecting the rights of his clients, and thwarting the injustices they have been subjected to. Time and again, his track record has shown that Tom R. Pabst is one of the leading civil rights attorneys in the State of Michigan.